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Tent Camping

Tent campers pay 15 dollars per person per night, or 25 dollars for two people in a two-person tent or vehicle, per night, and have access to all of our facilities.  While you can pre-pay here on the website, we do not reserve specific tent sites. They are first come, first served. No tent camping in RV sites unless in addition to your RV in a large Pull-Thru. You can park and sleep in small vans, trucks (with camper shells) and SUVs in the tent area but nothing larger.


If the tent area (down the road on the right past the facilities) is full, tent campers are welcome at the back of the park (past the back road toward the tracks), and they can park there next to their tents.


We do not allow fires in the tent area since grass fires are very dangerous here, but we have a fire pit near the facilities. Please bring wood if you plan to build fires there.

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